Destination Management & Tourism (DM&T)

Aspects of destination marketing and management are in the center of the focus of this track. It fosters knowledge transfer from theory to specific tourism case studies. Participants will be encouraged to challenge theoretical concepts in light of a specific problem statement. What is more, the understanding of traveler behavior will be taken into account when developing new concepts.


  • Understanding traveler behavior and challenging theoretical concepts
  • Sustainability and tourism
  • Pre-trip and on trip information demand
  • Exploring communication in tourism
  • Learning in an interdisciplinary and international team
  • Applying learned knowledge to a destination or tourism sector
  • Developing ideas and concepts for industry
  • Supervision and interaction with international mentors



Fly – Klagenfurt

FLY KLAGENFURT is a new online platform giving information to (1) departing passengers that start their journey at KLU and (2) arriving passengers that want to explore the regions around Carinthia, Italy and Slovenia. All of them have in common that they need information about their destination – e.g. events or hotels in Hamburg, transfer solutions from Cologne airport to their hotel, information about sights in Carinthia, transfer solutions to Italy, hotels, sports facilities etc. – which are provided by FLY KLAGENFURT.

The goal of the workshop is to develop a marketing strategy in which a low-budget and unconventional means are used – keyword: Guerilla marketing. The communication plan should consider all possibilities with regards to different targeting groups (outgoing / incoming, business / tourists etc.) and different sources of media like flyer posting, sticker bombing, social media, viral marketing, flash mobs or internet marketing.

Workshop Coaches

Barbara Riegler
Universität St.Gallen (CH)

Katya Tshakaya

Vika Krajnc